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Our patients may find helpful information from these recommended resources.


Well respected site for patient information on health and various illnesses

American Board of Surgery

Provides consumer information on importance of ABMS board certification

American Cancer Society

Good resource for patients or family with cancer diagnosis.


Provides patients with information on common surgical procedures. 

American College of Surgeons

Provides patients with information on surgical diagnosis and treatment.

American Medical Association

Provides a wealth on information to patients on healthly lifestyle choices and various other consumer related topics. 


US government website on how to "Live Well, Learn How".

Susan G. Komen

Great resource for women and families dealing with breast cancer.

South Georgia Medical Center

Includes information on SGMC and Smith Northview Hospital

Georgia Composite Medical Board

Provides consumer resources and allows licensed provider lookup from the Georgia state medical board.


Up-to-date information on breast health and breast cancer information and awareness.

Having Surgery? What you need to know.

A downloadble booklet produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and quality. It offers advice for patients having elective surgery.

Talking to Your Doctor - Clear Communication

Advice about talking to your doctor. Produced by the National Institute of Health

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer-NCI

National Cancer Institute (NCI) booklet about surgical and medical care for women with breast cancer. Downloadable booklet available. Excellent resource!

Thyroid Information-Patients & The Public

Up-to-date information for thyroid patients and their families with educational materials provided.

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Endoscopy

SAGES Patient Information brochures on minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy and EGD.

Operation Brochures for Patients

Brochures on several commonly performed surgical operations and other useful patient information provided by the American College of Surgeons website.

American Cancer Society 

Useful information on breast cancer treatment.


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